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Welcome, Coinnoisseurs!

     Collective Coinnoisseur is a website with a wealth of worldwide coin collecting knowledge and is created for fellow connoisseurs—Those who have great taste for starting the coin collecting hobby—Our coinnoisseurs! Collective Coinnoisseur shares helpful and valuable information that goes beyond the edge of a coin for our collective audience of like-minded coin collectors, just like you, who are passionate about this MINT hobby!

     Here at Collective Coinnoisseur, we have the finest taste for coins around the world, and we share the true value, joy, and fascination that coin collecting creates. Our passion for collecting coins, which we call our cashion (a blend of “coin” and “passion”), drives us to fulfil our mission of providing numismatists (Coin Collectors), like you, with priceless coin collecting insights and advice.

     Our worldwide website is designed to be a treasure trove of tips, tricks, avid advice, and common knowledge, which we call ‘Coinnoisseur’s Common Cents.’ Whether you are just starting out or are more experienced, we are happy to help all coin collectors. From detailed guides on grading, preserving, storage, handling, and identifying coins to articles exploring the historical significance of coins and the rarity of coins, we hope to keep your numismatic journey rolling!

     Coin collecting is for any age—that’s why we believe it is in the word coinage!

     With our website, coin collecting is truly a mint hobby! We are all about coining clarity, sharing common coin collecting knowledge, and making collecting understood for all coin-ages! As passionate coin collectors, we truly believe that each coin begins as a simple sheet of metal and is struck to share truly remarkable moments and milestones through the magic of minting.

     Collective Coinnoisseur was created by coin collectors to help the large community of coin collectors start, build, maintain, and store their own coin collections.

     At Collective Coinnoisseur, our valuable help and expertise are right on the money, and we hope to leave a lasting mint mark on your coin collecting journey!

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