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Coin Collecting BASICS for Beginners:

With these simple words, you can begin the exciting and enjoyable hobby of coin collecting! If you have ever wondered how and where to begin your own coin collection, look no further. Below, Collective Coinnoisseur is proud to present our ‘BASICS’ of coin collecting, making it easy for beginners to start with a shining smile in this fascinating and rewarding hobby.

The BASICS of coin collecting:

Begin with a Base Understanding:

Before we understand the specifics, let us start with the foundation. What is a coin? A coin is a small, typically circular piece of metal or alloy used as a medium of exchange, often featuring detailed designs, symbols of significance, and historical figures. Coins have been used for thousands of years, making them fascinating pieces that are minted in the moments of their time. Fun fact: The Royal Australian Mint has minted a striking 15 billion, 689 million, and 130 thousand circulating coins as of 2016 that are still in circulation today, meaning there are more coins with Queen Elizabeth II’s likeness than there are people in the world!

While this might seem like an abundance, in the wonderful world of coin collecting, many coins feature unique designs with limited mintage, making it a challenge for coin collectors to acquire them. This makes it a reminder that not everyone can call some of these coins their own!

Begin with the basics, and you will have a brilliant base for your coin collection to rise from!

Assemble Your Tools:

Assemble Your Tools:

With the right tool, you coin collection will rule!

To get started, you will need to be equipped with the following essential tools:

  1. Magnifying Glass with Light: A magnifying glass helps you examine coins closely, revealing intricate details and potential flaws.
  2. PVC-Free and Acid-Free Coin Holders: These protect and display your coins. You can find several types and sizes of acid-free cardboard flips with a clear, PVC-free window. 
  3. Soft Woollen Gloves: Soft woollen glove protects the coin from damaging oils, germs, chemicals, and contaminants that can be transferred from your hand, no matter how clean you believe they are. Soft wool material ensures no scratches, fingerprints, or residue.

For more information on essential accessories for coin collecting, refer to our ‘Coin Collecting Accessories’ article.

Start with Simple Coins:

Starting simple is cent-sible!

As a beginner, it is wise to start with simple and readily available coins. Coinsider beginning with modern circulating currency or common historical coins. This will allow you to gain experience and confidence before venturing into more specialised, sought-after, or valuable coins.

Coin Collecting Beginners

Investigate Coin Types:

Everyone has a type, even with coins—what is yours?

Coins come in a wealth of types, each with its own sought-after appeal.

  1. Circulation Coins: These are everyday coins used for commerce. Collecting them can be a fantastic way to explore distinctive designs, historical periods, and metallic composition changes.
  2. Commemorative Coins: Issued by the Mint to mark special occasions, these coins often have unique designs and limited mintage, making them valuable and desirable for coin collectors.
  3. Bullion Coins: Made from precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, bullion coins are valued for their metal content (purity) and weight.

If you are collecting Australian coins, explore our ‘Circulated, Uncirculated, and Proof Coins’ and ‘Frosted Uncirculated Coin’ articles.

If you are collecting American coins, check out our articles on ‘US Bullion Coins,’ ‘US Proof Coins,’ ‘Precious Metal Coins,’ ‘US Uncirculated Coins and Uncirculated Coin Sets,’ and ‘Current Circulating US Coins.’

Care for Your Collection:

Coins are tender and need your care!

Preserving your coins is important for maintaining their value.

  1. Proper Storage: Store your coins in protective holders or albums to prevent damage.
  2. Gentle Handling: Always handle coins gently, holding them by the rim (edges) to avoid fingerprints.
  3. Cleaning: Avoid cleaning coins. Cleaning can reduce their value.

For more information on caring for your coins, please see our ‘Looking After Your Coin Collection’ article.

Study and Learn:

If you learn, you can earn!

As you build your collection, take the time to study and learn about the coins you acquire. Join online forums or local coin clubs to connect with coin collectors and gain valuable insights. The more you know, the more rewarding your coin-collecting journey will be.


Coin collecting is a rewarding hobby that offers the fun and fascination of discovering, learning, organising, preserving, and displaying pieces of history and artistry. By following Collective Coinnoisseur’s ‘BASICS,’ you can ensure to begin coin collecting with confidence and a smile.

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